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Welcome to the Canada Snowboard (CS) Riders program at Wentworth, run in collaboration with Nova Scotia Snowboard and Ski Wentworth.

The CS Riders program consists of 3 level – Green, Blue and Black – delivered by experienced coaches and instructors, that take snowboarders from experienced young snowboarders to a level of deciding a discipline of focus to train in at a club or provincial team. This pathway takes a while and athletes gain many life skills along the way through training and competition in sport. The purpose is not to focus on competition, but to use competition as a test of skills, both technical snowboard and ancillary (like care of equipment, managing emotional states, sportsmanship and giving it your all). If you would like more information about the Riders program from Canada Snowboard, please visit here.

The CS Riders program at Wentworth in its first year will start with the Green programming and develop organically to see an outcome of the three levels in the next 3-5 years. Younger riders may stay a little longer in the levels than older riders, based on coaches’ assessments.

The coaches this year are Brett Erskine – Brett is a past provincial team athlete and current park crew member at Ski Wentworth. Together they will alternate weeks on-snow with the athletes to provide both an environment with some consistency and at times different voices to increase overall coachability in athletes. Both coaches are working towards their Canada Snowboard Competition Introduction certified status (a 3-5 year process).

The daily program will run on Saturday’s from 9:30AM-3:30PM with a 45 minute lunch break supervised by the coaches (athletes can go with parents for lunch, with previous communication). Lunch is not provided though. In the mornings athletes will generally spend time working on their overall snowboarding and some speed discipline, while the afternoons will be more focused on freestyle riding, both in the park and out on the runs. The program is scheduled to run for 8 weeks starting Saturday, January 21st, 2023.

As the program is designed to introduce young riders to competition, there will be two extra days that are around a Nova Scotia Snowboard grom series – one for speed and one for style. These opportunities are only meant to introduce the athletes to the competitions and are meant to be fun and a way to meet a bigger part of the snowboarding community.

Costs: $700.00