Are you looking to join the NS Snowboard Development or Provincial team?

Covid-19 restrictions on group sizing has forced NS Snowboard to move to a digital assessment for athletes. We will then narrow down to the riders we would like to see in person for a formal evaluation. When creating your video of your riding make sure that you demonstrate the following:


Stance and Balance

  • Manage instability – remain balanced in varying conditions
  • Strong adaptable position (In and out of neutral) over varied terrain/features
  • Hip and knee flexion and extension –  not breaking at waist


  • Initiate turns with front hip/leg, transition through rear hip/leg
  • Maintain Center of Mass inside turn
  • Balance over working edge
  • Carve turns


  • Generate lift (Pop, Coast, Retract or Ollie/Nollie)
  • Absorption on edge and/or flat based
  • Adjust turn shape using flexion & extension
  • Build board pressure and deflect it in direction of travel
  • Pop / Resistance through takeoff
  • Stabilization in air
  • Control and absorb landing forces

Submissions can be submitted to