Deb MacLean Volunteer of the Year Award

With the passing of our dear friend, Deb MacLean, NS Snowboard is pleased to dedicate the annual Volunteer of the Year Award her memory in partnership with the MacLean Family.

Deb was the perfect volunteer. She spent countless hours and dedicated numerous seasons to help grow the sport of snowboarding in Nova Scotia. With her endless positivity and incredible energy, Deb inspired a generation of snowboarders and helped build our community to where it is today. During her tenure with NS Snowboard, Deb held multiple roles including; Director of Fundraising, President, Past-President and was an amazing mentor to the staff of NS Snowboard, including Kristin d’Eon and Andrew Hayes.

The Deb MacLean Volunteer of the Year Award will be presented annually to a member of NS Snowboard to recognize their commitment and volunteerism with the organization. Without our amazing volunteers, NS Snowboard would not be able to develop our athletes, coaches and officials.

The Deb MacLean Volunteer of the Year Award will serve as a tribute to Deb and the MacLean family who have supported NS Snowboard for decades. Deb’s spirit is survived through her loving husband, Andrew; children, Lydia and Ewan.

The following nomination form must be submitted by end of day on Friday September 1st, 2023. Presentation of the NS Snowboard Awards will take place during the Nova Scotia Snowboard Annual General Meeting on Sunday September 17th, 2023.

Deb MacLean Volunteer of the Year Award – Form